The Big Idea...

The Colour Club celebrates your creativity whatever your age. From pre-school classes to adult evening classes I hope to use my experience to provide a brilliant space for you to grow creatively.

This business idea took seed and has steadily grown over the nights spent awake with my twin toddlers, although it feels like I have been moving towards this venture my whole life, gathering skills and knowledge and growing as an artist. 

A Little Bit About Me...................

Foundation Studies. Camberwell College of Arts. 1995

BA(Hons) Interactive Arts. Manchester Metropolitan University. 1998

2 Years Production experience. Soho, London.

MA Production Design for Film and Television. Kingston University. 2001

5 years Film and Television Industry. Art Department, Art Directing, Designing, Buying, Set Decorating.

PGCE. Secondary Art and Design. University of Gloucestershire. 2006

Newent Community School, Gloucestershire. Art Teacher and tutor to the legends N9. 2007-2013. My son Tom was born in 2009.

Stratford Girls' Grammar School. Joint Head of Art and Head of Phoenix House.                 

2013-2017. My daughters Ferne and Sylvie were born in 2015.

2018: Here I am.......Ready to bring all my skills together, so that I can run an independent business that fits in with being a mother and wife and gives me time to do my own painting. That sounds like fun to me!


My aim is for The Colour Club to be one of the best hours that you share with your child in the week. These sessions will provide a wonderful time for you and your children to engage with a well known children's story in a way that expands both their literacy and their creative confidence.

Sessions last about one hour.

Costs £6 for the first child, £4 for siblings, £4 per twin or more!

ColourClub Cheltenham runs on alternate Saturdays at the School House Cafe next to St Paul's Church. DATES OVER SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE 4/8 AND 18/8

ColourClub Willersey runs on alternate Sundays at  Willersey Village Hall, Gloucestershire FROM SEPTEMBER.


What will we do? I will invite you to sit on comfortable cushions on the floor ( bring teddies and blankets if you like!) I will read out the story of the week, providing opportunities to join in if you like! We will then move the cushions away and I will take you and your child through making an item or making art connected to what we have heard. You might have to pop back to pick it up if it needs to dry.  Sometimes we will work on a group piece, and there won't be work to take away, but the general emphasis is on process over product anyway.



07765 156 877


I am only doing 2 dates over the summer holidays and they must be booked on HOOP as they will not run if the numbers are too low.

'Leon and the Place Between'. Cheltenham 4/8 20 spaces only; Exploring clay and making a patterned slab or tile.

 'Mr Big'. Cheltenham 18/8 25 spaces only. Floor paintings inspired by pieces of music!



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